Friday, 15 October 2010

Harmonising Conditions Of Entry For Non-EU Seasonal Workers

Lord McNally gave this Statement in Lords yesterday regarding the EU: Justice and Home Affairs Council, I thought I would highlight this section (emphasis mine):
The interior session began with the Commission introducing two legal migration proposals: (i) a directive establishing the conditions of entry and residence of third country nationals entering the EU through an intra-company transfer and (ii) a directive on the conditions of entry and residence of third country nationals for the purposes of seasonal employment. The directives were intended to respond to labour market needs, boost EU competitiveness and tackle illegal immigration. Neither directive created a right to admission. The presidency stated that negotiations would continue in working groups on both directives to find solutions to member states' concerns. The UK will decide whether to opt into the proposals by 15 October.
Both of these proposals harmonise the conditions of entry and residence for certain non-EU nationals and also harmonise the procedures for issuing the required permits. These proposals are based on Article 79(2) of the Lisbon Treaty.

The UK has an opt out from the Area of freedom, security and justice, regarding non-EU illegal and legal immigration. So it has until today to decide whether to opt in. I've not yet seen a statement by Damian Green but it will be interesting to see if we do opt in or not. Should we choose to then we would be subjected to enforcement powers by the ECJ and the EU Commission.

Place your bets here.


  1. Bit like the EIO then, TBF?

    With the EU deciding that anyone from within can come and go as they please, they now wish to control that bit of immigration they missed first time round.

  2. Exactly, the integration process just keeps on going. Strangely I've not found what the UK's decision is yet.