Tuesday, 12 October 2010

England's National Anthem

I'm currently watching the football, and the singing of 'God Save The Queen', whilst earlier England sung the WI hymn Jerusalem in the Commonwealth Games and became intrigued enough (because I'm too lazy to blog about anything else tonight) to do a fun online poll as to what England's national anthem should be.

Vote in the right hand column.


  1. GSTQ - dreary, although it was originally an Elizabethan dance tune, and played at three times the speed is quite catchy.

    I've gone for Land Of Hope And Glory, although I wouldn't mind Rule Britannia just to get up people's noses. But I'd be happy with any (except perhaps Ode To Joy, because of its EU connections now, even though it is a fantastic bit of music) as long as England had her own.

  2. Jerusalem was chosen as our national anthem at the Commonwealth Games thanks to an online poll, and its definitely my choice.

  3. @Richard, ahh Rule Britannia I forgot about that one doh! I included ode to joy as a tongue in cheek option as this is an anti-EU blog ;-)

  4. Definitely Jerusalem. Land of hope and glory is an Edwardian imperialist hymn.
    Rule Brittania, since when has Britain been England?
    I vow to thee my country, not too bad, but not Jerusalem either.
    Ode to Joy? You have to be kidding me...

  5. QM - definitely right, I had mixed up Britannia and England. I still like the way it upsets the lefties, though.

    Ode to Joy is in fact one of the reasons I hate the EU. It is a stunning bit of composition, Beethoven at the height of his powers, brilliant to sing in concert, and all-round good, life-enhancing stuff. And then the EU stole it ...

  6. End also, what's wrong with Edwardian imperialism? It served us and the world well in the past. Maybe a bit over-sentimental, though, I give you that.

  7. @QM re Hope and Glory, it's still a cracking tune though as Edgar himself said at the time; "I've written a tune to knock 'em flat".

    @Richard, Agree completely, and the EU nicked 'Land of Hope and Glory for the launch of the Euro on 1st Jan 1999. They have no shame.

  8. No no no! The English are best! Flanders and Swan's song of patriotic prejudice.
    Failing that, "I vow to thee".

  9. Of course! *slaps forehead*

    Can you imagine F&S at an England Rugby match?

    The English are noble, the English are nice,
    And worth any other at double the price!

  10. It has to be Jerusalem, in fact I'd say it already is Jerusalem.

  11. 'Jerusalem' would be great - the title alone would piss off the left as they'd think it's about Israel.

    If 'I Vow to Thee my Country', the second verse has to be included as it will cause the lefty luvvies to have fit, though the words and sentiment will probably mean nothing to them.

    'Land of H&G', great tune but the lyrics are dated, England/UK has been neither for many years. (As an aside, Elgar was most unhappy when part of his Pomp and Circumstance March No1 was used for the song.) As for 'Rule Britannia!', not a good choice considering the current farce in the RN and MoD.

  12. Billy Connolly suggested "The Archers" theme tune many years ago.

    Sounds good to me - very rousing.