Friday, 1 October 2010

Go Green Or Die

From EUReferendum (and pretty much everyone else) is this nasty, counterproductive piece of green propaganda:

Apparently it's supposed to be light-hearted - if blowing up school kids in the classroom and covering others with 'blood' can be seen as light-hearted that is. It also features the usual multi-millionaire suspects whose carbon footprint is far greater than anyone else's whilst sanctimoniously lecturing the rest of us.

How anyone connected with this video didn't think it would be anything other than counterproductive is beyond me. I'm sure it pleases greatly those that casually band about the word denier (whilst ironically cheering on 'dehumanising victim' tactics) but everyone else is, at the least, going to be put off.

One thing is clear though, if you have to resort to these tactics rather than evidence and facts then you're losing the argument.

Update: The video's been taken down.

Update II: Video has been uploaded elsewhere on Youtube, I've linked to that. No Pressure website is down at the moment.

Update III: 10:10 have released an apology with the weasel words:
Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn't and we sincerely apologise to anybody we have offended.
Many people found the film extremely funny? On what basis?


  1. Agree John, and what was particularly disturbing was the way the teacher blew up the kids - nicey nicey, all smiles, no remorse - a person in a position of trust blowing up a couple of kids just because they disagreed.

    What a message to send around schools

  2. They have gone too far this time, something must be done!

  3. FH, you said it. We have to make them regret this. We can't allow them to weasle out of what they've said with this video: that people who disagree should be murdered.