Saturday, 30 October 2010


Personally I've no problem about Harriet's ugly politics, if she wants to personally insult another person then that's the price of living in a free country - even if it does understandably upset other people. Though the more unhappy the Lib Dems are, the better in my view.

My objection is that she is the woman who introduced this nonsense (my emphasis):
An Act to make provision to require Ministers of the Crown and others when making strategic decisions about the exercise of their functions to have regard to the desirability of reducing socio-economic inequalities; to reform and harmonise equality law and restate the greater part of the enactments relating to discrimination and harassment related to certain personal characteristics...
Yet again one rule for them...

It's interesting to note with how little grace that Labour have taken to opposition.


  1. I'd love to see the smirking cow sent to a distant place with no job.

  2. She did make the comments in Scotland!

  3. TBF, I accept the point you make, however as you know I believe this is a storm in a tea cup.

    Harriet H is know for introducing laws which are crap in implementation and lets face it, she gets called far worse - deservedly.

    I feel that there are far more important matters on which we bloggers should be focusing than this idiot woman!

  4. WfW, I know I'm just a commenter, not a blogger, but I agree, she's not worth the effort. I just happen to find her disgusting (together with just about all the last government cabal). And that dissembling idiot of a husband of hers.

  5. Oh - the Harriet that complains about the lack of women in parliament - then gets her dromey a dropped into a safe (female) seat for the election ! guess she was worried that the feminist and equality cause was not as important when family finances were going to be affected by the election throwing out the Goon Party !