Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Cameron's EU Cluelessness Continues

At PMQs today, Labour eurosceptic Kate Hoey asked this question:
The Prime Minister must realise that the British public are facing cuts in services and in their livelihoods. They do not want to see a single penny more given to the EU. In fact, they would like to see brought back some of the money that was given away, unfortunately, by our Prime Minister. Will this Prime Minister please ensure that when he goes into battle for our money, he does not—as happens to many leaders when they are involved in that bloated bureaucracy—roll over? Will he promise that if the EU demands that money, we will just say, “Sorry, we’re not paying”?
To which Cameron replied (my emphasis):
As ever, the hon. Lady talks a good deal of pains me to say this to the hon. Lady, but we would be assisted if Labour MEPs did not keep voting for higher budgets, which is exactly what they did this week.
But that doesn't appear to be true, a quick look at the voting record here shows that Labour MEPs voted against the entire budget (Labour MEPs are part of the S&D grouping).

Does the man have a clue what he's doing?

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