Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Tories Are Nazis?

I'm no fan of the Tories as regular readers will know but look at this from Penny Red (my emphasis):
This currently puts me in a far better position than most of London, given that the Tories have just imposed a Final Solution on the urban poor.
Yep, I can see the gas chambers being built already, we're in the midst of the holocaust.

Apparently Penny Red is highly rated as a writer; to me she's just a very angry delusional young woman who reads lots of Marxist books but has fuck all idea how the real world works.


  1. More to the point she's ripping off Polly Toynbee's use of the phrase yesterday.

  2. @Ross, thanks for that, I missed it.

    At last the Tories have a final solution for the poor – send them to distant dumping grounds where there are no jobs.

    Desperate stuff.