Wednesday, 13 October 2010

MARRied TV Star

I wonder who this could be:

A married TV star who won a court order to hush up an affair has discovered the ‘love child’ he thought he had fathered is not his after all.

The man, a journalist and household name, learnt the startling truth following a DNA test, it was reported yesterday.

The dramatic twist comes after he spent years trying to keep details of his affair and the child a secret...

...speculation grew over the identity of the child’s real father.

One name in the frame is a former Labour minister said to have forged a close working relationship with the writer.

It's all a bit seedy.

Update: Guido Fawkes tweets this:
So presumably the injunction against naming the father no longer applies to Andy Marr?

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  1. The father is probably an angry, pimply youth with a cauliflower nose and a predilection to blogging. so it could be one of mr marr's colleagues. Poor kid.