Monday, 16 January 2012

Slow On The Uptake

When I spotted this story in today's Daily Mail, it sounded very familiar. And so it was - it was picked up by Captain Ranty in March 2011.

So there you have it, paid MSM journalists recycling old news that was highlighted by unpaid bloggers nearly a year ago.

The MSM's purpose in life is...?


  1. Damn good job someone round here has a memory TBF - yeah I know, your not senile like me.......

    Good spot! (the article, not my senality)

  2. TBF,

    Thanks for the link.


    "It is understandable, then, that an officer identified only as PC Stout, appeared to become frustrated and reached out for the head camera in a row over a traffic fine."

    had my blood boiling. No, it is not understandable that a uniformed thug can assault anyone he is "frustrated" with.


  3. @WfW Thanks for your kind comments, Mrs TBF has a different view on the reliability of my memory - but only 'cos she wants me to remember things that are 'boring' like washing etc.

    @Captain Ranty No worries - a pleasure. That statement 'irked' me also

  4. 'The MSM's purpose in life is...?'

    '... recycling old news that was highlighted by unpaid bloggers nearly a year ago.'

    Question asked and answered by your good self.

    The MSM serves no purpose, of any interest, to anyone with a functioning brain cell. Which explains why the sheep are still enthralled by it.

  5. PC Stout. But he didn't administer a mild admonition. Was he bitter or would he opt for a lager (sorry) fine?

  6. @Xen Sadly, I think you're right.

    @JiC 'Ale' guess that you've been taking lessons from 'Witterings From Witney' regarding puns.

  7. AM has a reason: - on his blog, newspapers are: [rhymes with] trite.