Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hating Britain?

Apparently Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail have got into a right spat about the former father's political views. The Mail rather bluntly accuses Ed Miliband's father as; ‘The Man Who Hated Britain’. Mr Miliband objects to the attack on his father's legacy.

I have no wish to make a comment on the current dispute other than to suggest if you accuse others of hating your own country, democracy and the attack on British traditions, it's best not to publish stuff like this:
Let the Mail lay all its cards on the table. This paper has no desire for Britain to pull out of Europe [EU]...


  1. The DM always strikes me as confused, but it's basically a tribal Tory rag and it's to be expected to go along with the Conservative fantasy EU reform line. There'll be minor criticisms but it won't be greatly off message.

    The Conservatives appear to be suffering at the moment so the DM is upping the attacks on Labour.

    Nothing new.

    1. Yes...the DM is a perfect reflection of the Tory party. It knows its readers dislike the EU so throws it the occasional anti-EU story, but like the Tories it really secretly supports membership but it has to obscure such a view in paragraph 265,000 in an editorial.

      The DM will be an enemy come any referendum so it's always good to regularly point out its pro-EU credentials when given the chance :-)

    2. It might idly wish that David Davis was the leader and disapprove of gay marriage in a cautious way. Things which are popular. However, it's not going to give the lie to a longstanding major plank of Tory policy which is to string people along with the thoroughly dishonest EU renegotiation line.

      It's very much like the Tories in that if you think about what they say and look at their actions, it's perfectly clear they are determined not to leave the EU. At a cursory glance, you might get the impression that leaving the EU is a prospect.

      It can be relied on to lay into the LibDems and Labour with relish.

      It will certainly be an enemy in any referendum unless the Tory line changes, which is unlikely.

  2. I agree with your post TBF... However, I actually thought that that piece about Miliband Snr. was pretty good...

    Not because of the title or the pictures (I saw neither), I received the text from a fellow UKIPper who sends out several emails of things she has seen or been sent. Rather, it was the fact that Miliband Major fell out with Milband Minor and Miliband Snr over their certainty that Marxism was the way to go. That was a fact, and the Mail did not sex that up.

    "Miliband, father of Ed and David Miliband, died in 1994, aged 70, soon after the publication of his last book, Socialism For A Sceptical Age. In it, the venerated Marxist philosopher and academic continued to espouse his lifelong 'socialist' cause.
    One voice, however, vehemently informed him that he was still pursuing a lost cause. It was that of his elder son David. He did not mince his words.
    Having read the manuscript before publication, David wrote to his father asking, 'whether you are restating a case that has been traduced in theory or practice, or whether you are advancing a new case. I think that the book reads like the former . . .'

    The word 'traduced' - which means 'disgraced' or 'denigrated' - was surely rather harsh, considering his aged father had always included his two sons (even when they were small), in the trenchant political discussions with ever-present academics and Left-wing thinkers that took place round the basement dining table of the family home in Primrose Hill, North London.
    Indeed, some family friends feel this episode, not long before their father died, could have been a contributory factor towards the younger - and considerably more Left-wing - son Ed unexpectedly deciding to fight his elder brother for the leadership of the Labour Party in 2010, and, of course, beating him."

  3. Most of the Labour party, common purpose members and advocates and quite a few of the Lib Dem and Conservatives who are admirers of the Blair era are to my mind closet communists at heart and committed socialists in practice.

    EVERYTHING we see being done to undermine our traditions, our culture and our historic way of life is evident in the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism philosophy of control;

    The saddest issue of all is that its being done salami slice by slice just like the EU project and only now are some of us starting to wake up to the agenda and how far it has permeated our society.

    The destruction of our national identity of Britain, the destruction of democracy in Britain, the undermining of traditional beliefs and values and the slow, secretive merging of the public and private sectors into a state-controlled partnership. Quangos, fake charities public/private merging of initiatives et al
    The massive network of 'training and diversity' organisations combined with enforcement of such to brainwash the useful idiots needed to run society on behalf of the 'élite'. These include those involved with the institutions of government, commerce, education, law enforcement etc.
    The proposed 'design for life', from a frighteningly early age. encouraging the breakdown of family life by forcing mothers to go out to work with the STATE becoming the guardian and educator of children from an early age where propaganda can be cemented and compliance in later life that much easier; If you are with them, you can rise through the system until you reach your calling - but dissent, and you will always be staring upwards from the nadir below. In other words, if you will not play by the rules of the manipulated system, you can kiss any future career goodbye.
    The dumbing down of the education system, loss of grammar schools, 'everyone' has to go to university now so devaluing the qualifications to create an unthinking, uncritical mass of fodder that can be easily controlled by FEAR and the Roman Empire they used bread and circuses to control the masses, not much has changed in 2000 years has it?
    The lives of individuals and families experiencing;
    * Rapidly falling incomes
    * House repossessions
    * Increasing debt
    * Unemployment or low-skill employment
    * Poverty
    * Overcrowding
    * Control from cradle to grave
    * Victims of crime
    * Cultural disintegration
    * Constant surveillance
    * Criminalisation via petty civil enforcement of rules and regulations
    For Britain culturally as a whole;
    * Perennial trade deficit
    * High unemployment
    * Silencing of dissent and free speech
    * Massive debt
    * Mortgaged to foreigners
    * Inequality
    * High population density
    * High immigration to destroy the culture
    * Social fragmentation
    * Economic enslavement
    * Organised plunder of personal wealth and no respect for property rights
    * Sticky Plaster NHS
    * Politically correct multi-culturalism
    * Destruction of the middle class
    WHILST the 'elites', the bureaucrats and politicians who deign to rule over us enjoy;
    * Rising incomes
    * Full employment
    * Tax-funded income
    * Comfortable pensions
    * Private medical insurance
    * Human rights
    * Lavish spending
    * Quality education for their offspring (the next generation of ruling 'elites')
    * Immunity from prosecution
    And by using 'environmental' concerns as the main vehicle, along with instilling FEAR of terrorism they gain ever more control over work, industry, energy, food supply, populations and money.
    We will wake up one day; despite the signs and portents of doom for decades having been in front of our eyes to a new order of total control with dissent being crushed and compliance being the new mantra of success.