Sunday, 27 October 2013

Take The Morning Off?

With the UK apparently braced for severe storms and heavy rain overnight, former BBC weather television presenter Michael Fish has advised people to take the morning off work:
“These strong winds…are going to be unfortunately at around getting up time and rush-hour time,” Mr Fish told Sky News on Sunday morning.

“So the message we’re trying to convey at the moment is to delay your journey just by two or three hours in the morning and then you should be safe.” 
I'm sure he thinks he means well, but it's interesting that he worked for the government funded Met Office and the BBC - funded under law by virtue of a tax. Both largely immune to the dynamics of an economy.

Conversely of course to those who are self-employed such an option means not getting paid, and to those who run SMEs means employees not turning up to work thus impacting on turnover.

But no matter just take the morning off...


  1. Did the weather get so bad, anywhere in England, such that Mr Fish's advice was reasonable. Here in the Northwest, or rather my part of it, hasn't shown any signs of abnormally windy weather. Just the socialists spouting excrement once again.

  2. It was hitting the south mostly. It came passed me at about 2-3 in the morning and it got a bit windy. A quick look this morning shows no signs of structural damage anywhere nor any uprooted trees nor fallen banches. More importantly my flagpole remains upright intact.

    Compared to 1987 it was a gentle breeze...

  3. I took the Central Line into work, there was a half hour hiatus in the service, but in my department, the two-thirds of people who have to take a British Rail overground (or whatever they are called nowadays) decided to "work from home".

    It was all over by lunch time and the return journey was as per normal.