Monday, 25 November 2013

Falken's Maze

Witterings from Witney highlights a blog from Openingly Lying Europe which promises:
"...a date with the future: what can the UK achieve in talks over its EU membership terms?"
It proclaims...
Open Europe is offering you a front row seat at a simulation of what will arguably be the biggest negotiation round of them all: Will the UK will stay in the EU or negotiate a new relationship from the outside?
Interestingly 'Openingly Lying Europe' was not shortlisted for the IEA Brexit (if it submitted one at all) - but then that would mean submitting a paper which demonstrated the mechanism and means by which we can leave. Its absence confirms once again that it has no wish to do so.

Yet they are "very excited by this date with the future":
Such simulations are commonly referred to as 'war-games', and our event will take place in our specially customised 'war room' in Westminster on 11 December, featuring leading European politicians and experts - many of whom are themselves involved in EU talks.
Such 'war games' consist of what deal will David Cameron be able to strike in Europe?
"Will EU partners grant Cameron any meaningful concessions?"
"Will there be an EU treaty change?"
"What areas can Cameron devolve back to member states?"
"What can he do on issues like free movement of workers or the UK's budget contribution?"
None of this can be achieved. Once again Openingly Lying Europe supporting our membership while masquerading as a eurosceptic think tank.

So given that it refers to 'war games' and 'simulation' one is tempted to reference a classic 1980's film of the same name particularly the famous scene on the futility of nuclear war as demonstrated by the flawed game 'noughts and crosses':

The computer concludes:
"Greetings, Professor Falken. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess"
The only difference is Joshua, the computer in the film, learnt  - something Openingly Lying Europe is unwilling to do.


  1. My thanks as ever, TBF, for the link. A good post on your part compared to my sarcastic effort.

    1. A pleasure as always Mr WfW, as an aside I hope you find the git who pranged your car though I guess you won't