Monday, 11 November 2013

It's Not About Statistics, It's About People.

So caring "Dave" informs us today via the subject heading in the Conservatives’ latest email announcement. The email begins:
A month ago I emailed you about the launch of the Conservative Help to Buy scheme. Since Labour’s financial crisis, hardworking people have been priced off the property ladder because of the large deposits you have to put down. That’s why we introduced Help to Buy - to make it easier to get a mortgage by cutting the deposits you need.
Four weeks on and it is delivering.
And how does Dave assure us that it is delivering? Well obviously by using statistics facts:
1. Over 2,000 people have already been accepted in principle for a Help to Buy mortgage - 75 families every day getting closer to owning their dream home

2. £365 million worth of mortgages are being processed - home sales that may never have happened otherwise

3. There are a third more houses being built now than this time last year.
But as the email concludes, as if to reinforce the point, "this isn’t really about statistics. This is about people".


  1. "A third more houses being built now than this time last year"

    I bet there are... where will all the Romanians and Bulgarians live otherwise?

  2. Interesting that the comparison is with last year, rather than, say, the last year or two of NuLab's reign. {Possibly someone has some relevant data?)

  3. Just who is guaranteeing these loans? Could it be the taxpayer again. Interest rates have to go up, sooner rather than later, anyone with savings is having their money stolen week after week and then we have ridiculous energy bills. This scam has to stop NOW. We do not want another sub prime loan disaster.

  4. Potentially two thousand more votes bought for the Tories paid for by the taxpayer.

    It won't be enough.