Saturday, 22 February 2014


For longer than I should have, I've neglected updating some aspects of my blog on the right. In view of that, on my blogroll, I have now added some more blog links and removed a few more other defunct ones. If I have missed anyone out then let me know and I'll endeavour to add it.

I have also substantially added to the EU quotes section. Interestingly, and rather ironically, most of the quotes I cite come from those who support the EU project. Many europhiles bitterly complain about the UK press ignoring or distorting aspects of the EU, for example:
Miss Reding attacked what she described as Britain’s “yellow press” for peddling “misinformation” about immigration.
She said: “Often the problems between Britain and the EU more in theory than practice. There is ideological noise and misinformation from the yellow press.
I completely agree about the misinformation point. However the trouble with the likes of Reding et al, is they think "misinformation" clouds judgement of their "brilliant" project; a project that is so wonderful that if only the UK papers told the truth we would all learn to love it. They fail to understand that the pro-EU UK newspapers don't print the truth precisely because they know themselves if they did we would be out quicker than you could say "Brexit".

That Eurosceptics keep quoting statements made by those in favour of the EU project should inform them of what a cataclysmic misjudgement that is. When critics embrace your comments as demonstrating exactly what Eurosceptics find unbearable about the whole damn project, then you know that you have kicked the ball firmly into your own net. 


  1. Sorry left this comment on the preceding post in error.

    Methinks there is some amiss with the updating of the blogroll? It lists me as having last posted 23 hours ago but if you click on the link it takes you to my last post of approx 4 hours ago?

    Just saying........ :)

    1. Thanks WfW for your comment. Timings are tricky and as you note not always accurate. I have the same problems with Richards blog.

      It appears only "blogspot" links give decent updates...I'm not sure I can do a lot about that.

  2. WFW, looks like the problem has fixed itself.

  3. "Phew, I wasn't left on the cutter's floor."

    "For now, baby, for now. :)"