Friday, 28 February 2014


The Telegraph reports:
Motorists were left shocked at the sight of a rotting giant whale being driven along a busy dual carriageway.
The huge corpse was covered by a tarpaulin and strapped onto the rear of a flat-bed truck with part of it overhanging the back.
But the sight and smell of it travelling along the A2 towards Canterbury on a weekday afternoon left some drivers choking at the wheel.
 Interestingly it is revealed:
Mark Stephens, 41, took these photographs of the whale as he drove home from work.
Yep...a motorist was so shocked by a "rotting whale" he took photos while still driving - which looking by the angle and perspective of the photo confirms his assertions.

Thus essentially he is admitting - publically - he drove without due care and attention


  1. They could have blown it up.

  2. Why aren't they dragged out to sea, I wonder?

  3. Why don't we arrive at the conclusion that the poor animal will die, whatever action we take? Then slice, dice, marinade and get some money.