Monday, 7 March 2011

Can We Sink Any Lower?

I return from my short interlude to this:
Eight SAS soldiers detained by Libyan rebels near Benghazi have left the country aboard HMS Cumberland, according to Sky News sources. According to reports, the group had been taken to Benghazi after being apprehended near the port city.
A conversation purportedly between Richard Northern, the British ambassador to Libya, and a spokesman for Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the former Libyan justice minister, who now heads the rebel National Libyan Council in Benghazi, has been intercepted and released on Libyan state television

Richard Northern, who left Libya last week, called for the release of an SAS mission being held by rebel forces in Benghazi, saying there had been a "misunderstanding".
And this:
The Duke of York paid the price for his association with a convicted paedophile as the Government decided to downgrade his role as Britain’s trade ambassador.
Our Special Forces, diplomats and Royal trade envoy have becoming laughing stocks. Can our country's reputation get any lower? I'm very tempted to get back on the next available plane and bugger off out of here.


  1. Welcome back TBF - trust you both had wonderful time.

  2. Thank you WfW, we did have a wonderful time, thanks, I even went on the Wiener Riesenrad - marvelous.