Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Not Making Plans For Nigel

I've only just seen this, from Guido:
Yesterday’s Yes2AV launch was conspicuously Clegg-less, but he wasn’t the only leader missing. Despite probably being the campaigns most useful asset in getting through to real people outside of the beltway, Guido hears that Nigel Farage and UKIP are a little miffed that they were left out in the cold. It was alll [sic] smiles with Caroline Lucas from the Greens, so it’s not as if smaller parties were a ruled out. A Yes campaign source said the decision didn’t come from them and it was Miliband’s office that refused to share a platform.
It's true that Caroline Lucas is an MP (and a slightly eurosceptic one at that) but the votes at the last election were as follows:

Greens: 285,616
UKIP: 919,546

UKIP received more than 3 times the Green vote but still no MP. Surely that's as good evidence as any that the current political system is broken. No not according to Ed Miliband (who likes to compare himself to suffragettes). Interesting that Ed is ignoring UKIP but apparently during his Labour consultation a referendum on the EU is being considered. Well we all know how that will turn out then.

Politicians cannot simply stick their fingers in their ears and shout; 'la la la we can't hear you', forever.


  1. Preety soon TBF, politicians wont have any fingers to stick in their ears - or our tills either!