Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Tories Boast That We're Ruled By The EU

The Tories are now actually boasting that we no longer run our own country. From England Expects:
"The Tories didn't dare do it, the Lib Dems don't care about it and frankly the Labour Party isn't there on the subject at all" said Nigel Farage this afternoon, after the Labour proposal to scrap the VAT increase on Fuel was defeated in the House of Commons due to EU rules that ban more than three rates of VAT duty.

"To do what Balls wanted would break EU law", he went on, "But all that the Government have managed to do by pointing this out is to show their utter weakness in the face of Brussels dictat".

"When will they get it into their thick heads that they, and the Labour Government before them have given away the independence of this country?" He said.

"Think about it for a moment. The Conservative led Government defeats an Labour motion to reduce tax, by boasting that it doesn't have the power to set UK tax rates.

Extraordinary, and disgraceful. And Mr Cameron refuses to offer a referendum because he thinks that we are better off in the EU?"

"Will somebody please tell me what the point is of Mr Cameron? What is the point of his Government? We would be better and more honest closing down Westminster and opening it up to tourists - carefully remembering not to give discounts to UK citizens - because that would breach EU equality legislation", said Farage.


  1. Nice comment TBF, but one request: will you please stop 'beating me to the post'?

  2. GT: Point taken, but suffering from too many fish to fry!