Friday 11 May 2012

No Longer Free

I wanted to think Cranmer was on a wind up when I read his piece here. But no. In an almost rational-defying move by the Advertising Standards Authority it is investigating Cranmer for carrying an ad on his blog on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage, which I reproduce above. Apparently complaints have been made that it is 'offensive and homophobic'. 
Apparently there have been a number of complaints about one of the advertisements His Grace carried on behalf of the Coalition for Marriage. He has been sent all manner of official papers, formal documentation and threatening notices which demand answers to sundry questions by a certain deadline. He is instructed by the ‘Investigations Executive’ of this inquisition to keep all this confidential.

Since His Grace does not dwell in Iran, North Korea, Soviet Russia, Communist China or Nazi Germany, but occupies a place in the cyber-ether suspended somewhere between purgatory and paradise, he is minded to ignore that request. Who do these people think they are?
Quite. I'm not sure how Cranmer will reply to the investigation, I would be tempted to give the 'Arkell v. Pressdram (1971)' response.

Good luck to His Grace. And if anything it has at least convinced me that I need to move this blog away from a UK domain urgently - a move I've been mulling over for a little while.


  1. I've asked a few folk this question but don't have the answer yet so wonder what your views are froggy.
    How do you consummate a gay marriage ?
    In legal terms there must have been full penetration by the man into the woman although ejaculation isn't required. Divorce procedings can be undertaken if consummation fails.
    Will there have to be new laws drafted to cover lesbian relationships ?
    I can see where it would go with gay marriages ;) but not lesbian.

  2. @George. In truth I've not being following the legal implications myself - largely because I can't get worked up about it either way.

    It does appear though that not even the Government knows the answer to your questions - which maybe one reason why they're trying to quietly drop the whole issue.

    Cranmer has a better take on your questions than I can provide

  3. BF..
    Thanks for that link. Excellent. It has opened up new questions that the govt will have to address. If we are all equal then if a french kiss is assumed consummation in gay marriage then it should be the same for hetero couples.

  4. These are very serious issues indeed. What if, however, we change heterosexual marriage to "Christian Union", blessed and ordained by The Church? Then we could say all those "married" are gay and all those Unionised, heterosexual? Of course, then we need two billion more acts of Parliament then a new movement demanding married couples be able to call themselves Unionised!

    Or why not ban marriage per se? The idiocy of it all is pathetic, with the unnatural predilections of the anal and strap on culture allowed more prominence than anything else. Mustn't hurt their sensitive little souls. Let's bugger up the rest of us.

  5. BF Guido moved away from a UK domain a couple of years ago, when it became obvious that the UK was no longer a haven of free-speech.

    I suggest you look after yourself and do the same PDQ.

    In addition to our own little gay-marriage obsessing PM, Obama has also come out in favour. Something they talked about back in April perhaps?!

    This drive to introduce gay marriage in 'the west' is obviously being coordinated because back in 2010 the EU Parliament also endorsed it. Call Me Dave is simply following the EU's Orders, as usual.

  6. And is it any wonder that the bearded ones look at places like the UK, Holland etc. and see a culture that is not willing to stand up for itself and its beliefs.

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