Thursday 17 May 2012

Taxing (Part 2)

Perhaps in light of my comment on his piece (I don't know) Political Scrapbook has now amended his contentious Vodafone post so that any reference to tax evasion has now been quietly removed.

The piece is still inaccurate though, as various comments point out. It wasn't even tax avoidance; the Indian tax office had applied the tax retrospectively on a Vodafone deal and it was outside their jurisdiction to do so - a move that was found to be illegal according to the country's Supreme Court. So I'm not sure how abiding by a country's law amounts to a scandal.

Interestingly PS is up for awards - political blogger of the year. With such loose use of the facts and still be up for awards one can only assume next stop then is writing for the Daily Telegraph.


  1. @Longrider Sorry, not certain who you mean by Timmy. If you mean Tim Worstall then yep that's the idiot:

  2. Yeah, that's it. The man is a cretin, so not one to take seriously. That he is up for an award says much about the selection process.