Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bubble, Bubble

I've long since stopped watching PMQs regularly. A charade and a farce it most definitely is, not least because it has ever-increasingly retreated into non-relevance.

And so it proves again today. A cursory look at any order paper for Parliament will reveal meaningless debates on topics that are no longer decided here. Now Parliament's impotency has infected the 'highlight of the week' - PMQs. Today there were lots of questions about the Leveson enquiry, yet none about the Eurozone and its possible devastating impact on the UK, nor the economy nor about Syria or nor any other serious subject.

Andrew Neil sums up the frustration from viewers here on today's Daily Politics show:

Serious politics has AWOL


  1. Yep, Andrew Neil says some canny things but when will he come and join UKIP?

  2. @Julia, Andrew Neil is certainly one of the few presenters to ask the tough questions...doubt he would openingly admit to joining UKIP for BBC impartiality reasons...

    (no don't laugh)

  3. Serious politics has gone Brussels way.

  4. @James Higham...Indeed, a good point, though saying it out loud seems to be erm forbidden