Monday, 11 June 2012

Ken Livingstone Agrees With UKIP

From UKK41 is this interview on Sky between Ken Livingstone and Nigel Farage on the Euro. It's notable that Ken almost turns into a recruiting agent for UKIP, agreeing as he does with Nigel on many points.

One should be always careful with all things Ken and motives, although it's worth noting that Labour have historically had a better history of Euroscepticism than the Tories. What certainly seems true is momentum is building for at least one of the main parties to offer a referendum of sorts on our membership.

The only question left therefore is what's going to come first? A UK referendum or the collapse of the Euro?


  1. Thanks for the link TBF.

    It's a strange one - I'm wondering if our Ken feels that he has been humiliated by, what is really, an amiable fool in Boris Johnson.

    Does ken have another arrow in his quiver.

    Time will tell.

  2. This is possibly the first sensible political debate Ken has had in his life.

    What a tragedy that it is 30+ years too late.

  3. @BJ My pleasure, a sense possible like most politicians of telling the truth when their career is all but over

    @DeeDee99 A broken watch - still right twice a day...