Sunday, 24 June 2012

Quotes Of The Day

From Tony Blair (who he?):
“I think most sensible people in Britain can see immigrants have made a great contribution to our country.”
At a stroke, he insults the core working class support of the Labour party who are most affected by immigration by overtly suggesting they're not 'sensible'. And:
"I would have been happy taking the European job as President of the EU".
Perhaps someone should remind Blair that he has absolutely no hope of that job...because it doesn't exist.


  1. Is he the most odious person of the century? He's got a lot of competition in the labour party but I reckon he's at No. 1 in the charts.
    I wonder if he'll ever get his comeuppance - while he's still alive, that is. Trashing his reputation when he's dead and gone won't feel quite as satisfying.

  2. Blair on top form. Glad to see his years as the Middle East Peace Envoy (and property development and after dinner speaking) haven't dulled his gift for understanding of the common man...

  3. Blair will do whatever he can to keep the UK trapped in the EU and his hat in the ring ready for when there is a position of President of the EU.

    If someone were to put the Liar out of our misery I'd crack open a bottle of champagne and cheer.

  4. You have to admire him, his tax avoidance strategies make Ken Livingstone's look rather feeble.