Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bob Crow

Naturally it is with a little shock to learn that the RMT leader, Bob Crow has died suddenly this morning – though I guess the manner of his passing is not entirely surprising. Many words undoubtedly will be expressed about his legacy which means there is little I could add that is of use to the extensive coverage that will ensure.

Typically for a rather forthright chap he divided opinions and so he does in death, going by the torrent of comments – split as they are by so-called “left” and “right”. Londoners obviously will probably have more passionate views than others.

Yet many of the venomous comments on the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph website seem to have forgotten that, like him or not, he was against the EU and our membership of it. He saw the insidious organisation for what it is and its impact on the working class members he represented.

Given his often uncompromising stance on other issues undoubtedly his eurosceptic views were genuine, as illustratrated by the No2EU party which he led, unlike the views of the more Judas goat like politicians we have become used to.

And so in that sense that's how this blog would like to remember him by.


  1. I don't watch Question Time any more, encapsulated in a phenomenon entirely missing from Clarke's response - not one single interruption, whereas anyone who the Beeb are not in thrall to can expect multiple interruptions after the fourth word in.

  2. Aye, the "interuption" problem afflicts the Andrew Marr show on Sunday as well

  3. Credit to you for this piece TBF - I was far from a fan of Bob Crow but, as you say, he did recognise the EU for what it was.

    The peoples of the EU are being exploited by a corporate clique; it absolutely beggars belief that 'the left' rant on about Global corporatism and can't see it on their doorstep.

    BTW - I always believed that Crow set up NO2EU because it was becoming increasingly clear that there was a danger of the C2/Ds looking for an alternative to the Labour party and could well go en-masse to UKIP.

    Unfortunately, in our fight for exit from the EU, people like Crow could attract the attention of people who would not listen to parties such as UKIP.

  4. Bob Crow was 100 percent right about the EU.

    Gave up watching Quisling Time a couple of weeks ago, after a very long stretch of watching it every week. I do not miss it.

    I remember this episode and Dimblebot's flustered, "Oh, I didn't realise we were three to two in favour of pulling out. Ken Clarke, you better [tell us what to think]... Can you reply on the key point that Bob made, that people come here to keep wages low..."

    If that is not the embodiment of BBC bias, I do not know what is. How often is the panel four to one in favour of staying in, or even five to zero (Tory, Liberal, Labour, Telegraph/Spectator columnist and a token lefty celeb, for instance)? Most weeks is the answer.

    And then there is that very delicate falsification of what Bob said - "that people come here to keep wages low" - one wonders if the likes of Dimbleby even know that they are doing it, or they are just so indoctrinated that it is a reflexive response to give Clake a complete softball.

    People do not come here with the express purpose of keeping wages low, and Bob Crow did not say that you pompous arse! That is the effect and intention (they would no doubt argue that it keeps prices down...) of the government's open border immigration policy FFS!