Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ed Miliband Rules Out Automatic Referendum

Just after eurosceptic Bob Crow passes away we have Ed Miliband apparently confirming that Labour will rule out an automatic referendum on the EU. No bad thing considering we are likely to lose anyway especially given there is no coherent (as yet) strategy on how to exit. He says:
...that under a Labour government Britain will only hold a referendum on leaving the EU if there is a "significant transfer of powers" to Brussels - a prospect he describes as "unlikely".
Interestingly his words take on a greater significance given that there's a new treaty on its way which will put the UK into associate membership status, I guess there's Miliband's wriggle room right there - there won't be a "significant transfer of powers" because we'll be plonked in the departure lounge. Thus meaning no referendum on the new Treaty at all.

Astonishingly Miliband then goes on to say...
"that Labour will resist the idea that "the EU is intend (sic) on an inexorable drive towards an ever close union"
Has the twat ever read the Treaty of Rome?
"Determined to lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe"


  1. Let's be honest, Miliband will say anything to get into number 10. I doubt he actually means any of it. However on the EU issue he has at least come down (almost) on the IN side. Another reason to not vote him in.

  2. I'm absolutely delighted to know that what I've known for some years now - that Miliband is pro-EU, intends to remain so and will not commit to a course of action which would compel otherwise is now 'official' wisdom.

    What would I do unless the Newspapers were there to advise me of the bleedin' obvious?