Monday, 3 November 2014

"Let Them Eat Cake"

If ever we needed further proof that the rot in UK politics is not necessarily due to our membership of the EU but instead one of a domestic making, Denis MacShane's tweet (above) regarding expenses and MPs' cynically shredding documents is it.

Openingly mocking the electorate in this way, I would suggest, is not entirely wise...he might find ultimately that the consequences are far more unfortunate than a mere jail sentence...


  1. In that last link MacShane says he survived after being taken under the wing of a “serious criminal”.


  2. Just taking MacShane into account, I'd suggest a new appendix for 'Referism'.

    For example, Rotherham.

    Where it can be proven that a local electorate cannot be trusted to send a competent MP to Parliament, that constituency be disbarred from electing a new MP until they have collectively sat tests to requalify for entitlement to voting democracy. (Rather like sitting a safe driving course subsequent to conviction for motoring offences). Naturally, all the time they remain disqualified from voting, they may withhold any national taxation obligations but if at the end of the appropriate session, there's no evidence they've learned from their mistakes, that the process begins once again.

    If the voters of Rotherham insist on sending a donkey to Parliament, Parliament and the national electorate will be infinitely better off without a representative sent by them.

  3. The problem with that is that it would be the thin end of the wedge. Today they re-educated the thick, tomorrow they might think that I need re-education. Otherwise, a fine idea.