Thursday, 13 November 2014

What Did You Do In The War Daddy?

"Well I went to war, not for democracy (men didn't achieve universal suffrage until 1918 and women 1928) but so that a supermarket giant 100 years later could use the story of our sacrifice to sell some more mince pies."


  1. I once asked my grandad what he did in the war, and he replied, 'I kllled people and put their ears on a piece of string'. My grandad has long gone but the ears on a string remain mine, forever. Good man my gramps.

  2. "I stayed as far away from the war as possible so that I could look after you and mummy. Watch, children, what happened to the other daddies in the Great War"
    He scoops some coals from the grate and hurls them amongst the toy soldiers and stars screaming "Whee Bang!!" "Arrgh, my legs are gone, no knees for my daughter to sit on"
    Sparks fly everywhere and holes are burnt in the carpet as the toy soldiers are scattered by the coals.

  3. They went to war to defend theitr country as the British had done many times.
    Look what has happened to Britain because the current generations meekly accepted 'multiculturism'.