Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Olympic Tickets

BBC Breakfast this morning had quite a substantial piece on the difficulties likely to be faced by those in the UK wanting tickets for the Olympics.

I wasn't expecting much more than a report on the usual suspects; corporate sponsors, members of the IOC and families of the athletes. But no, the BBC decided to mention the elephant in the room - EU law - and not just in passing either, but in some detail with... wait for it ...a rather sceptical tone (by BBC standards).

Repeatedly the reporter asked UK Olympic officials if Estonians would have the same chance as those that lived in London and asked whether it's fair that we can't have preferential allocation when the UK taypayer is footing the bill.

With this coming so soon after the publication of a report on BBC cuts, it's tempting to think that this about-turn by the BBC suggests there must be an imminent General Election due, where the Tories may have a chance of winning. But that surely can't be the reason.

I think I need to lie down.

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