Tuesday 2 March 2010

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

That's me; now made official at a PPC meeting on Saturday. Campaigning now starts in earnest. As expected Brown didn't call an election yesterday for 25th March, and from a slightly selfish point of view I'm rather relieved- it gives me more time to prepare.

After the formalities and a run through UKIP's election campaign timetable, a special guest speaker turned up and began by saying:
"I don't mean to be rude but..."
No prizes for guessing who it was.

It's Nigel's disciplinary hearing today at 1pm for his 'outburst' at the unelected Van Rompuy, for which Nigel expects to be suspended for a week.

Nigel's comments have caused outrage in the usual quarters but interestingly Nigel himself has said that the response on the doorsteps in Buckingham have been largely positive, and those that weren't so positive were very unlikely to vote UKIP anyway. This chimes with my much more limited experience so far - there's a lot of anger and disillusionment with all the main parties.

A perfect illustration of this, is this Times article, brought to my attention by 13th Spitfire:

This newspaper did not want a leader of the European Council either. But no, Mr Farage, you do not speak for the majority of the British people. They would not dream of being so pathetically rude and neither do they relish being represented by the political equivalent of Alan Partridge.

Aside from the fact Farage is elected so does speak for his 2.5 million voters, the comments beg to differ with editorial (my emphasis):

He certainly speaks for me. Perhaps not in quite the way I'd like him too, but since no-one ever got to express an opinion over Van Rumpy, Ashton etc. then he and Hannan are the only people who can speak for us. The EU is a ludicrous, self-perpetuating, bloated farce and I am heartily sick of it. Well done Farage for at least having the cojones to stand up.

And anyone who saw him speaking will have seen the sycophantic Schulz crawling up to Van Rompuy, talking of trampling on the dignity of the house. What about the dignity of democracy, that has been well and truly trampled to death.

Update: Farage has apologised...to bank clarks the world over.

Update II: Farage has twittered:
Senetence [sic] passed, letter from Parliament President: Maximum allowable fine 2,980 euros. Free speech is expensive in Brussels


  1. Many thanks for your good wishes EDBE

  2. Congratulations are in order. If you want some help with the campaigning let me know - Oxford West and Abingdon is my constituency and I really want Dr. Evan gone.

  3. @williamsjk, Brilliant, many thanks for your offer of help, it's very much appreciated. I've got leaflets on order at the moment, so is it all right to drop you a line, via your blog, in the very near future?

  4. Congratulations and good luck. I hope you ruffle some feathers and I look forward to seeing you on the election night coverage.

  5. Cheers Daniel, I do hope so, the support has been very good so far. I have my rosette ready for election night.

  6. No problems. Be good to finally have a candidate I can endorse in the area!