Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Pot, Kettle and Black

According to kathimerini:
Authorities in Kosovo must crack down on government corruption, including pushing “tainted” officials from positions of power, in order to progress toward EU integration and lure investment, the bloc’s top envoy said.

Pieter Feith, EU special representative to Kosovo and top international envoy overseeing its independence, said yesterday that Pristina could not progress toward the European Union without closer relations with its neighbors or a robust fight against crime.

“There is another misconception... that you can come closer to the European Union without combating and eradicating the evil of organized crime and corruption,” he told Reuters. “When I am talking about combating corruption and organized crime, in my concept this means very serious incisive steps, and includes also that personalities who are tainted, who are being investigated, should not be part of the inner circle of power.”

This will be the same EU whose accounts have not been signed off for 15 years in a row? Kosovo should fit right in.

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