Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Carswell Rules

Yesterday I linked to Douglas Carswell's 5 rules on how a referendum on a new EU treaty for economic governance will be broken.

Well lo and behold up pops Mr Redwood who does the decent thing today by fulfilling at least 3 of the rules in this relatively short post, finishing with:
It will be a good test of the UK government’s negotiating skills, and a chance for them to show how determined they are in wishing to cut back on central controls and high spending budgets in Brussels.
And rule number 5 was:
5. Anyhow, look how tough we've been, getting Europe to mug us for a little less with a slightly reduced budget increase!
It's beyond parody.


  1. TBF, as you probably saw I had a go at Redwood and he did eventually over 24 hours later publish my comment.

    This latest effort from him is pitiful and I begin to have doubts about JR and really pity those in his Dallas constituency!

  2. You never know WfW, JR may have unhappy constituent called Kristin Shepard.