Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Little Bit Pregnant?

Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights has a superb post highlighting that the position of EU membership just doesn't affect the Tories but all of the political class - namely that they still want membership of the EU but try their best to disguise it to the electorate:
So Labour have decided to re-badge themselves as quasi -Euro-sceptics.

Should I point out the depth of their collective treason and unexpungable guilt?

They are still, however, defending their criminal theft of the referendum they promised us, and still all members of the anti-democracy, anti-sovereignty, pro-Brussels faction, but they are aware that their position is unpopular. They need to reposition, all the better to betray the people.

Hence this recent talk about ‘re-negotiation’ and ‘no further transfers of power’, ‘repatriation of powers’ etc. The aim is to craft a third way between sovereignty and the destruction of sovereignty. It goes without saying that there is no such third way.

There are, certainly, a handful of stalwarts in the Party, such as Kate Hoey and Austin Mitchell who have been vilified for years. All the rest are party hacks and traitors. See what Douglas Alexander says:
"There's even a tendency … to say people keep rejecting pro-European propositions because they aren't proposed in a pro-European enough way."
Really? A tendency? Well, there you have it. Our enemies don’t like being burdened by defending the status quo. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They don’t want to deal with the reality, but keep focused on the long-term goal of continent-wide Empire.
As EFSR rightly argues there is no third way between being sovereign or not sovereign. Europhiles like to argue about the sharing (or pooling) of sovereignty but it is a concept which is akin to saying you're a little bit pregnant.

So we go through the same old boring tedious game again - when in opposition parties pretend to be 'eurosecptic' then as soon as elected they say; "yes EU, no EU, three bags full" etc. The dividing line between left and right no longer exists in politics, it's now a line between us and them.


  1. Why is it mainly bloggers and not MSM reporting this? Why do the Tory "eurosceptics" (haha) say this on MSM to counteract Labour claims? Because they really are all in it together and stuff what we, the electorate, think. Why are the Tory "eurosceptics" not shouting from the rooftops the advantages of leaving the EU, and the fact that trade will not disintegrate if we leave?

    More money for Spain anybody?

  2. This is what I love about the blogosphere TBF – I can not bring myself to bother about Alexander’s play for Labour votes (seeing it for the cynical ploy it is) but you and Trooper Thompson pop up and fill the vacuum.

    It’s funny how the blogs are now leading the charge – whatever happened to focus groups, spin doctors etc..

    The votes are slipping away and these people are starting to see their miserable bank balances disappearing with those votes.

    Time to push them over the edge I think.

  3. @thespecialone You make good points, I've long given up on the MSM, get most of my news as it were from bloggers. Better informed that way.

    @BJ Thanks, absolutely spot on.