Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fed Up

Richard North once described membership of UKIP as; "optimism, descending into frustration, to disillusionment and to betrayal"

I'm rapidly coming to similar conclusions.


  1. I can't give too many details away, and I'm aware that I'm not in a good mood at the moment. Let's just say, as I've hinted on this blog before that UKIP should be doing much better in current circumstances, that it is amateurish in many respects.

    This was proved once again to me, as a committee chairman, last night when loads of people near where I live were let down at the last minute by ad hoc planning, not only wasting months of work but dropping someone in deep shit.

    It's not good enough. The ordinary members who put in hard work are being let down and ignored because someone decides he has better things to do

  2. Oh dear, TBF, so its not just Witney then?

    As you know I too have felt Ukip should be well into double figures in the polls by now - and amateurish doesn't begin to describe Ukip's campaign, administration, or website.

  3. I'm sorry to hear this; such criticisms of UKIP occur too frequently to be ignored. As a member, it disturbs me.
    Have you any opinions on the British Freedom Party. I've looked at their website and they sound interesting; seem to have similar views to UKIP but seem to be newer (I've only just heard of them) and smaller.
    I keep searching for a political movement that matches my views, without much success.

  4. Agree WfW, and serious damage was done last night to UKIP's standing in an area that had potential after the Lib Dem betrayal of student fees. And it's not the first time stuff is made up on a whim by those further up in the party.

    I'm really not fucking happy

  5. @JiC I've not looked at them to be honest and I suspect they will suffer similar problems. It's notoriously difficult for any party to make an impact on the political consensus - UKIP had to break all sorts of electoral records to do it. This is what is so frustrating they are in a wonderful position to take advantage and doing their damnedest to screw it up.

    All of which confirms my conclusions - held for some time - that it will be "events dear boy events" that get us out not any political party. I just wish we could get out before any more damage is done to our country

  6. jic: TFP seem a cross-match of various anti-EU parties. When they first appeared the latched onto my Constitution posts and I offered to help with input on policy and a participatory form of democracy as they said it was of interest. Heard nowt since - which suggests something.

  7. WfW, thanks for your reply. I've just noticed that they seem to be hooking up with EDL. I'm not sure that's a bad thing or not; it could give them all the EDL votes, which might give them the base they need to be taken seriously? But to refuse help when it's offered is short-sighted on their part. I'll wait and see how they develop, I think.

  8. jic: The last thing we need is to split the anti-EU vote.

  9. BF

    Talk to me direct if I can help

  10. I'm terrible ... I just dont do compromise ... I think ... I see the bigger picture ... its always toys out of the pram with me ... :).

    However I've managed to be active in UKIP since 2000 enduring one cock up after another. But Politics is about compromising with people that you do not like in order to win gains which you hardly notice.

    Standing close up, if UKIP can get it wrong they will. Standing back look how far we have come.

  11. You'll only get rid of Farage when the Conservative accept him into the party, in a senior role. That could come as soon as next election if things keep going the way they are, but then UKIP will perish.