Monday 21 November 2011

Compare And Contrast

Compare the interview that Ken Livingstone gets on Andrew Marr (circa 25:00 mins in - also worth watching Jon Simpson on the paper reviews earlier - being biased and then trying to deny it) and what Nigel Farage endures on the Politics Show later (circa 8:00 mins in, with an intro that is less than ...erm... balanced).

Going by this interview presenter Jon Sopel's own views are obvious - his line of questioning is clearly seen to be less to do with holding a politician to account on his policies but more to do with expressing his personal views. I know this is "do bears shit in the woods" stuff but it really is a disgrace.


  1. Here you go:

    The Tories are firing blanks.

    Tory 'Growth Tsar' says "We will join the Euro".

  2. The fact that Mr Livingstone and all the other socialist shits who have damaged our country, are allowed anywhere near the media demonstrates the sickness at the heart of our country. I believe that a healthy country wouldn't give any of them time of day but their misdeeds are overlooked, if not celebrated.

  3. Well done Mr Farage, why isn't he our PM?
    And who was that t****r on the left, 2 year old trying to act grown up.
    Oh and the usual, the racist card, how thick are these people, Mr Farage has a german wife.