Friday, 9 December 2011

I despair...

...I really do. I can't cope with today because of 'bollocks overload'. Apparently Cameron has gained a spine (when did that operation occur?) and stood up for Britain against the EU. Cameron has seemingly suddenly turned into Churchill and defended our shores against the might of Europe. Yeah right!

Cameron has always shown himself to be a europhile ever since he became leader so why has he only now performed a u-turn so large that it's visible from space? The short answer is, he hasn't.

Despite the wisdom of the all seeing eyes that are journalists (who think this is a summit not a council meeting) there has been no veto, in fact no treaty changes can be made without an IGC. This is evident in the weasel words that are being used (my emphasis):
PM declares: 'I had to pursue Britain's interests... I effectively wielded the veto.
Effectively does not mean he has. And...
Cameron faces virtual isolation
Virtual eh? Not the same thing.

The golden rule with Cameron is to accept that he is a europhile, so if he appears to make statements to the contrary then there will inevitably be a massive catch So why are most falling for his guff?

Cameron is playing to a pliable British press to convince his party that he really is eurosceptic, when strong evidence shows conclusively the opposite. This is obvious in this piece by the Mail:
This is the moment that Nicolas Sarkozy demonstrates exactly what he really thinks of David Cameron's veto of the EU Treaty change.

After the gruelling all-night sitting in Brussels, Mr Cameron approaches the French president with his hand outstretched, ready to shake and show there are no hard feelings.

But not only does Mr Sarkozy refuse to acknowledge the PM, he actually does a swift swerve aside, waving pointedly to someone - anyone - on his right.
I bet now Cameron and Sarkozy are laughing in private, saying to each other "brilliant we got the timing just right" but Sarkozy saying; "shit, I still look short in the photos"

Boris Johnson has concluded that Cameron has played a blinder - in a sense he's right: Cameron is stupid but he's cute enough to play to the gallery of Tory voters who are more stupid and gullible than him.


  1. We have to keep pushing for a clean break. All this fart-arsing around is getting us nowhere.

  2. TbF, I think you have Mr Cameron sussed correctly. I just hope that many of the people in our country who have been leaning towards UKIP are not now persuaded, by this sleight of hand, to move their thoughts back to the LibLabCon trickery.

  3. I knew somebody who used a pub used by professional wrestlers. He said you could overhear them talking about how long the bout would last, what they'd do as part of the performance and who was going to win.

    Contrary to what the followers allowed themselves to believe, it was all an act.

    Same with this. There's nothing about Cameron's tough man in Europe act that's remotely credible.

  4. @Sue Indeed, a clean break is the only way - and it will happen one way or another just Cameron (and Tories) can't see it.

    @JIC Thank you, and I feel that you're right

    @Cosmic Agreed

  5. I entirely agree with what you say, and had come to the same conclusion. This is just another LibCON-trick by Quisling Cameron and his PR men. Sadly most of the conservative-leaning electorate are so deluded they will almost certainly fall for it! Only when the whole insane EU and Euro edifice falls apart and we are all dragged down in the chaos that follows will people finally wake up - but then it will be too late.

  6. Paper bags at the ready for iDave's new patriotism.

  7. @James Higham :-)

    @TT Thanks, I try not to, but it's difficult, but onward we go regardless

  8. That just means he has realised the problems coming towards him: