Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Shedding Voters

From the Man In A Shed's profile:

I've only just spotted this from a Man in a Shed's profile - a now seemingly former Tory, who has been unhappy for sometime with the Tories and especially Cameron. Indicative of the systematic decline of all political parties - particularly the Tories since Cameron took over.

Cameron's loyalty is to the EU even if it means the complete destruction of his own party. What more of a damning indictment is there of the insidious nature of our membership.

As per the infamous FCO 30/1048 document of 1971 predicting the implications of our membership of the then EEC:
(ii) the transfer of major executive responsibilities to the bureaucratic Commission in Brussels will exacerbate popular feeling of alienation from government.
That alienation has come to pass - big time.


  1. He's one of many. Regardless of its shortcomings I see only UKIP as a more Conservative place to be these days.

  2. Old Rightie, even the B&P is a more conservative place than the Conservative Party and the B&P is fascist. It just shows how far the Conservative Party have gone to get a share of power, when, had they kept to their own ground, they probably would have had a majority.

  3. 'Cameron's loyalty is to the EU even if it means the complete destruction of his own party'

    Hopefully he will destroy both.

  4. Me too. An ex-Tory Party member who wouldn't even vote for them now. I have joined UKIP, although I appreciate that they have a long long way to go.