Monday, 5 December 2011

Mr Whippy

Labour MP Tom Watson has just summed up the state of our so-called representative democracy in just one single tweet:

One would like to think he was voting because he was swayed by the arguments, because it was an issue of conscience or, heaven forbid, it was on behalf of his constituents.

But no... it's more important to remember if the vote is whipped and (presumably) vote accordingly to party orders.


  1. Tom Watson, just another fat freak.

  2. Be fair, it may be his love of sado-masochism is not that deeply ingrained?

    I suppose it also depends whether Caroline Flint was doing the whipping - or Harriet, or Yvette, one of the Eds, or even Chris Bryant.......?

  3. @WfW You just prompted thoughts in my head that I'd rather you hadn't...ergh!!!


  4. Oh man, this fat computer game playing poofter is a shit-for-brains!

    The parliament really went down hill when they let people like that in!

  5. How on Earth do these people find themselves in our Parliament.

    As you say, it just about sums up our democracy now TBF.

  6. @Anon and @BJ couldn't agree more