Friday, 3 February 2012

Huhne The Loon Charged

After a rather lengthy process, the Euroslime, rabid-greenie, Lib Dem millionaire Chris Huhne has been charged with perverting the course of justice. If found guilty Huhne will certainly face a custodial sentence - previous politicians found guilty of this offence such as Jonathan Atkin and Lord Archer were sentenced for 18 months and 4 years respectively.

Arrogant, ruthlessly ambitious and nasty with an obsessive tendency to smear opponents as Nazis I doubt many tears will be shed at the demise of Huhne's political career. Indeed there will probably be the quiet popping of many champagne corks. Personally I think he should be locked up anyway for his dangerous, reckless and deluded energy policies. But at least this is a start.

It couldn't happen to a nicer chap.

Update: James Delingpole also doubts many tears will be shed.


  1. Well they've [DT killjoys] killed the comments section on JD's blog post, concerning this same bloke, all schadenfreude was he [James Delingpole].


    Huhne is a slug.

    On the legal action,imho: Keir Starmer must have tried everything in his power, moved heaven and earth, prevaricated till nearly the 'cows came home' - to prevent this from going to court.
    That it now eventually has, is telling I think.

  2. Thanks Anon for alerting me to JD's post, have updated

  3. Well, I for one will not be crying in my beer tonight TBF.

    How does it go "...heart of stone not to laugh"

  4. His replacement - Ed Davey - is just as green as 'Hoon'

  5. @BJ Have to say, my beer this evening is bereft of tears... :-)

    @JohnM Thanks for the link, no surprise that the Green agenda continues regardless