Thursday, 23 February 2012

I'm Saying Nothing...

From today's Daily Telegraph (my emphasis throughout):

The arrest of Labour MP Eric Joyce over an alleged assault in a House of Commons bar follows concerns over the culture of taxpayer-subsidised drinking in Parliament.
And from the Irish Times last Thursday:

BRITISH PRIME minister David Cameron has signalled support for a minimum price for alcohol that would raise off-licence prices, even though some members of his cabinet believe such a move could be illegal.
Mr Cameron, speaking during a visit to a hospital in Newcastle, said: “Every night, in town centres, hospitals and police stations across the country, people have to cope with the consequences of alcohol abuse.”


  1. Glad to see we aren't ruled by hypocrites then:)

    Also you gotta wonder what's going on when you read "even though some members of his cabinet believe such a move could be illegal"

    These people are running the country and they don't even know for sure whether something is legal or not

  2. I'm sorry to say that Mr Cameron makes me sick.
    If he was a true Conservative, he wouldn't even think of meddling with the free market in alcohol. If people who have been drinking are breaking the law, then we have more than enough laws and punishments to deal with them. To use the false justification of putting up prices to fix the problem, shows Mr Cameron for the socialist that he really is.
    I think the word verification, turdit, is appropriate.

  3. @JiC Don't be sorry :-) Cameron makes me sick too...