Thursday, 16 February 2012

Irony On Stilts

The main purpose of the EU, from the very beginning, has been to abolish the nation state and to destroy democracy. The founding fathers have always made this very clear. And partly to achieve this, with significant irony, the EU has adopted all the trappings of a country in all but name. This is aptly demonstrated by the shameless lack of democracy, involving Nigel Farage shown in the clip below (1:40 mins in)

The President of the EU Parliament, Martin Schulz, says:
Nationalism is propagated, in this house, by those who wear flags on their desk and nationalism on their sleeve.
So says Schulz, a member of the EU, an institution which thinks that the solution to try to destroy any kind of national identity needs a flag, a national anthem, effectively a capital, and a European identity.

Presumably when the EU gets around to producing its own dictionary, the phrase 'self-awareness' will be noticeably absent.

hattip: Ironies Too