Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hurrah Part 2

Following Portsmouth Football Club's point deduction today, I'm most pleased to learn of this:
A £5,000 FINE has been dished out to UHY Hacker Young partner Andrew Andronikou for "manifestly inappropriate" conduct in relation to a client going through personal insolvency proceedings.
In a consent order made with the ICAEW, Andronikou was severely reprimanded, fined £5,000 and paid costs of £6,500 in relation to his role as a nominee and supervisor of an insolvent individual in 2007.
The institute's investigation committee said that the complaint against him related to wrongly recommending a creditors' meeting should be summoned, in that he had not undertaken sufficient investigations into the validity of certain creditor claims. Court proceedings to set aside a decision of the creditors' meeting by a third party saw his conduct as "manifestly inappropriate" relating to evidence filed by him on the respondent's behalf.

He was reprimanded and fined £500 last year by the ICAEW in a consent order for failing to meet insolvency reporting requirements.
Not that it is personal from my point of view of course and nor would I even suggest he often wilfully does anything remotely untoward.


  1. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.
    I'm surprised they only docked us -10 I thought they would do us for -50 just to make sure. Mind you we can't sign any players and don't have a goalkeeper so the FL probably think we're buggered anyway. We might no exist anyway as Kanu wants 'millions' off us.
    If we do continue I'll be away for our home game with you and it's New Year's Day up at yours, so, hangover permitting, I might make that one.
    Hopefully the Liquidator of the previous PFC will get AA for more money.

  2. @Phil Jones, Have to say from experience usually the smaller the club the bigger the points deduction. Am I right in thinking you've only got 9 players on the books? Blimey.

    Bit of a bugger our away game at yours as it's on a Tuesday night, was hoping to go to it - will have to wrangle some time off work

  3. We're desperately trying to off load the high earners as the wage bill is far too high. We can't sign anyone yet (I think) and have no goalkeeper. Good news is that Gaydamak's company that owns the land around the ground is in admin, so there's a possiblity that the land will come back to the club making it more attractive to a buyer. Still, it wouldn't be Pompey without a crisis! Here's to Blue Square South!

  4. @Phil Jones...Bloody hell, it don't look good do it? :-(