Thursday, 5 July 2012

Yes, But Not Yet...

I don't know from personal experience but the 'old chestnuts' regarding a married man having an affair with a mistress usually involve the following lines:
  • My wife doesn't understand me
  • We're basically roommates
  • My wife treats me badly
  • Of course I want to be with you, but now leaving my wife is the moment
  • My wife and I are only married for the kids
  • One day we will be together
And so on, until it becomes obvious to the mistress that after many years of said chap trying to have his cake and eat it that the situation is never going to change and he's not going to leave his wife.

Much is similar with the EU:

As Richard North posts with the EU it's always 'yes but not yet...'

We're married to the EU, and the unhappy situation is obvious. Our political class are invoking the 'The EU doesn't understand me' - and the 'we promise, really, that we will leave' response.

However everyone else knows the truth...but it stubbornly remains unsaid in terms of; 'we know that you know' etc, until reality will finally kick in and remove the facade.


  1. Yes but not now... in other words, not now, not ever, never.

  2. Brilliant! Yes, exactly, hits the nail on the head.

  3. @Perry de Havilland Quite

    @Julia Thanks...