Monday, 2 July 2012

A Shambles

Watch William Hague wriggle desperately yesterday on Andrew Marr regarding a Tory referendum on the EU. Damned by Hague's own words, results in a performance which although is more experienced is still the nonsense equivalent of 'Chloe Smith's interview earlier in the week.

When asked by Marr the following question:
But if you’re one of those people who say we’ve really had it with the EU the way it’s gone; we’ve had it; we want our voice; we want an in our out referendum - you’re saying vote UKIP?
The subsequent expression on Hague's face is priceless:

Hattip: The Talking Clock


  1. I remember Hague on the Marr show before Irish 2nd referendum on the LT, going through all sorts of contortions to avoid explaining what "We'll not let matters rest there" meant, and how the likely yes the second time round would affect the Cast-Iron Promise.

    I felt embarrassed for him.

    I can't say I've ever had a huge amount of time for the bloke, but I thought there might be a little more to him than that.

  2. Why as this no answer to anything waffle dragged on was the point not put that the British have never had a referendum on joining the EU, I and everyone else at the time were conned into believing we were voting to join a trading union, nothing more.

  3. @Cosmic Nope there never is a little more with any Tory...

    @wiggiatlarge I'm too young to have voted in 1975 - :-(

  4. Smarmy is the word - lying through his teeth too - "people can see clearly where our thinking is going" - sure...I'm afraid words are cheap.