Monday, 9 June 2014


Blogging will be light this week as I'm away for my birthday (the one where life starts apparently). I'll be spending it in Brussels. Before readers begin to suspect I've lost my marbles, my reason for going is not this, but instead to visit locations associated with Belgium's most famous reporter, having been a lifelong fan.

No doubt, through very gritted teeth, I'll go and see the European quarter, though I like to put it on record should any terrorist incident arise during my visit it wasn't me...

Normal service will return shortly


  1. First, happy birthday.

    I have visited your blog a number of times over the years, but believe this is first time I left a comment.

    I am not a UKIP activist, but I am an anti EU activist, as I suspect you already know (I noted your thumb's up on Richard North's response to my argument on his blog a couple of weeks ago). As for the anti part, I use it to distinguish I am opposed to UK EU membership, which a decade ago many considered the EU and Europe to be the same thing. They are not (I know you know that).

    I first started voting UKIP some years ago, and the reason can be found within UKIP's written Constitution. That is what I vote for when voting UKIP.

    Your concerns that UKIP may become as bad as other political parties will probably prove correct. But I know that too.

    Of LibLabConUKIP parties only UKIP is committed to withdraw from EU. It is written in their Constitution. That part of them has not changed. It is also thanks to UKIP that the EU in/out Referendum promised by Cameron (should he win a majority in 2015 GE) eventuated. But you know that too.

    The bottom line, as I see it, is quite simple. Withdraw from EU comes first. Should UKIP fail after that, I trust you know what elections are for. Vote them out.

  2. Congratulations for your Birthday, have a wonderful time, even in Brussels. They have some marvelous beers in my recollection, the food is excellent too.

    1. Thank you...I did sample the beers...a lot stronger than the ones here in the UK. :-)

  3. Life begins at ...? Didn't know you were 60. :)