Thursday, 27 November 2014

Paddington Bear And UKIP?

It says something of the media combined with the rather aggressive anti-immigrant message of UKIP, that it now means a review of a children's film has to somehow tie in with an anti-UKIP message - and that doesn't reflect well on either UKIP or the media. This from the Spectator:
Deborah Ross revels in this wondrously British new film - and its anti-Ukip message
And this from Michael Bond himself (my emphasis):
So Bond’s not a UKIP supporter? He winces. “A dreadful thought, I can’t think of anything worse. I’m a great believer in being a member of the EU. I think it was one of the best things Churchill ever did. I don’t want us to leave Europe.
Though in this case I think Mr Bond should stick to writing children's stories - history and politics is clearly not his forte.

What's becoming apparent though such views which infiltrate a simple review of a children's film becomes just another example of UKIP fundamentally poisoning the 'out' campaign...


  1. I thought Paddington was an illegal alien from Peru, what has the EU to do with that?

  2. Just as the UKIP want a return to the 1950s, so the Eurofanatics want a return to the 1970s.
    I am 75 and I want a return to EFTA and the EEA!