Monday, 19 April 2010

Campaign Update

As things have been a little quiet round these parts, I thought write a quick post on how my campaign is going so far.

Busy week last week, I had an interview with the Oxford Mail in a piece on the candidates in the constituency. Although I agree with the sentiments of the quote I didn't actually say a word of it. Nevermind. I had another interview by BBC South on the issue of Polyclinics and UKIP's position on them. Again, though much better reporting, the quote is still inaccurate.

Collected my nomination papers, and 2 days were taken up collecting 10 signatures - and consuming copious cups of teas. Picked up 20,000 leaflets last Friday and found out the printers MD is a UKIP voter. I cheekily asked him for a discount, got £30 knocked off.

Saturday morning and Sunday spent dropping off leaflets to willing volunteers and canvasing. Largely positive reaction so far to UKIP's message. Despite the leaders' debates, the general reaction still seems to be; 'they're all the same'. People are seething.

So far I've attended one hustings meeting, missed one due to a car accident and have two more planned. I've missed another one because I wasn't invited / didn't know.

I'm off today to have my nomination papers checked and hopefully hand them in with, gulp, the £500 deposit. Then it will be loads more campaigning and leafleting etc.


  1. Glad you and the wife are OK after the car crash, bloody boy-racers are all over the place where you are.

  2. Thank you for your good wishes Daniel.

  3. Many thanks CS, I've already received emails which suspiciously look like to us either a newspaper or another party setup.

    We've got them worried.