Sunday, 25 April 2010

Vote Small, Think Big

Hattip: Governmentitus


  1. This video seems to have got big in the libertarian/right of centre blogosphere. Considering all the bickering that's happened lately it makes a rare treat to see us all in relative unison.

  2. CS, we on the 'Libertarian Right' do not 'bicker' - we discuss matters as adults should!

    Mind you, hardly surprising we are all in agreement - this video makes so much sense, which is why - if you are in TBF's constituency of Oxford West & Abingdon - you should vote for him!

  3. WfW - I was thinking more of the comment spam and attempts to derail the comments threads of the likes of Old Holborn and Al Jahom. There are many fake "libertarians" who seem to be doing the darndest to derail and discredit pro-small government arguments. Those guys bicker and too often, the blog authors react, whereas we on the periphery do the discussion and putting forth of ideas and tend to exchange quite civilly. Well, I try to ;-)

    Sadly, I'm a few miles off TBF's patch. I'd vote for him though. He needs to get his arse down to South Bucks ;-)

  4. CS, I've fallen well behind in my blog reading recently, so I didn't know the video had gone viral. It's not hard to see why though - the man speaks a lot of sense.