Thursday, 1 April 2010

Exclusive: New Statesman Knows When The Election Will Be Announced

Exclusive, Exclusive, Exclusive!

The New Statesman has this groundbreaking news:
Gordon Brown is preparing to call the general election this coming Tuesday, 6 April, making way for a month-long campaign culimating [sic] in polling day on May 6, has learned from several sources.
Learned from several sources eh? Or in fact just looked at the calender and worked it out from logic. Then the article follows with this:
Confirmation that the announcement will come two days after Easter contradicts speculation that rail strikes planned for that day -- which Government insiders now expect to be delayed -- would cause a delay in the announcement, possibly until as late as the week after next.
Which is of course complete nonsense as Events dear boy, events points out.

The timetable is clear, for a 6th May election dissolution has to occur on Monday April 12th. Usually, but not essential, there's an announcement a couple of days before to allow for Parliamentary wash-up where outstanding legislation is dealt with. So it is obvious that after the Easter break an announcement is likely to occur on Tuesday thus giving a few days to resolve the outstanding parliamentary business. It's hardly rocket science, but gets paid for writing this nonsense.

Perhaps the New Statesman should re-title its article with the words; 'stating the bleeding obvious!'

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  1. To anyone with a brain (which lets out McIntyre, natch) May 6 it was always going to be!