Monday, 26 April 2010

Labour Lies

Today I received a number of political leaflets as part of the free electoral address. The Labour leaflet, shown on the left, was intriguing:

"Labour's local achievements..." says and lists Didcot Health centre as one of them.

That's funny, because my wife is, unfortunately a regular user of that particular centre and we have it on good authority from two doctors that they themselves campaigned, organised and funded the new health centre themselves.

Oh and here it is from the Oxford Mail 2006 (my emphasis):

DIDCOT'S ageing health centre could be demolished by Christmas to make way for a new £4m building.

Plans for the new centre, and those for a temporary surgery, have been submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council.

GPs have part-funded the project - to the tune of £250,000 - and are confident it will get planning approval next month.

They hope the centre will be completed in early 2008.

The plans are the culmination of a seven-year struggle by GPs to replace their current home, which they say is no longer fit for purpose.


Dr David Ebbs, who is leading the project, said: "If things go according to plan, we want to be off the site and have the building knocked down by the end of the year. The building project should start in the new year and run through until the end of 2007, with us back in in early 2008."

He said the developers had already ordered the temporary building in anticipation of planning approval.

He added: "The timescale is so tight, the developer is taking as much risk as is commercially viable."

He urged patients to be understanding.

"The temporary building is not fantastic because we have had to compromise on space due to a lack of funds," he said.

And from 2007:

DOCTORS have won their seven-year campaign to replace Didcot Health Centre, which will be knocked down next month.

Apparently, though, it was all a Labour achievement.


  1. Ah, but how many in the local area will know this? That's the bit that they're relying on, I get the same in my area, but from both Labour and Tory.

  2. Those in Didcot will know because there was a well publicised fund raising campaign, but those outside will probably be unaware, and as you point out that's what Labour will be counting on.

    Still at least with t'internet we can fight back.