Thursday, 3 November 2011


I meant to write a blog about today's G20 summit and the continuing Eurozone crisis, but events are moving so fast that I can't keep up at the moment. For a number of hours now we have had reports that Greece's PM George Papandreou has resigned, then oh no he hasn't, then oh yes he has ...and so on. And it's not even pantomime season yet.

Also Italian bonds continue to rise to record levels, as Italian politics is in a bit of turmoil. France and Spanish bonds have also risen. Van Rompuy and Barroso can't decide whether to hold a press conference or not. The sleepwalking into chaos continues.

Meanwhile a rather revealing twitter exchange between myself and pro-EU Telegraph journalist Daniel Knowles. I was simply arguing for an orderly break-up of the euro - the only realistic option left to prevent a chaotic collapse. This response below from Daniel was rapidly deleted, but I have a screenprint:

"You people"? Hmm interesting. And then the follow up:

What is really dangerous is that the Euro is heading rather rapidly for a disorderly collapse because no-one will make any of the very difficult decisions required to stabilise the crisis. When the collapse happens Mr Knowles will then find out what the words idealistic and extreme really means.

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