Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Greece Will Vote Yes

The referendum question according to the FT has been decided, and as expected it will be couched in terms of EU membership not the bailout itself (my emphasis):
Greek voters would be asked not to approve or reject the terms for Greece’s next financial rescue, which European leaders set at a Brussels summit last week, but a broader question centred on support for Greece’s membership of the European Union and 17-nation eurozone.
Greek enthusiasm for EU membership runs at more than 72% - George Papandreou will win the vote. Like most referendums it's going to be rigged.


  1. Of course it's rigged. But will save the cost of having to do it again if the answer's wrong.

  2. There will be no cost incurred of holding one again, Greece'll just put it on the never never and default. :-)